Accesorios Televisión a Bordo

Accesorios Televisión a Bordo
Venta Online Accesorios Náuticos Televisión a Bordo. Accesorios Televisión para embarcaciones. Televisión para Barcos , Antenas Náuticas para Television, Antenas de televisión para barcos. Venta Online Accesorios y Equipamiento Confort a Bordo-Compra accesorios confort a bordo al Mejor precio -Tienda Náutica Online -Venta Online de Accesorios Náuticos, Grandes Ofertas en Equipamiento para Confort a Bordo. Accesorios Náuticos para Confort a Bordo, Equipamiento Náutico para Confort a Bordo. 
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Amplificador Nautico de Television GLOMEX 50023/98EC

Amplificador Nautico de Television GLOMEX 50023/98EC. Modelo Basico con salida para 1 televisor y 1 splitter. Ideal para Antenas Náuticas de Tv , V9112 , V9126, V9160. Multivoltaje 12-24v . Ganancia 27.5db.repuestos nautica. En Nuestra Tienda Náutica Online encontrarás más de 8000 Accesorios y recambios Náuticos para Embarcaciones de Recreo, Fabricados en Europa bajo los más estrictos criterios de Calidad. Todos los Productos Náuticos de nuestro Catalogo, tienen 2 años de Garantía y las Devoluciones son Gratuitas para Pedidos Online..

110.53€ Sin Iva: 91.35€

Antena de VHF Glomex RA121

Antena de VHF Glomex RA121,antena compacta de Vfh para barcos, Antenna VHF - RA121 is a VHF antennas identical to the TV antenna art. a-5555299, allowing you to keep a balanced look of your boat.It..

135.16€ Sin Iva: 111.70€

Antena Náutica de TV Glomex VT300 Avior

Antena Náutica de TV Glomex VT300 Avior, Náutica de TV Glomex VT300 Avior Antenna TV - VT300 Avior is the TV/RADIO FM Omnidirectional antenna in the Glomex range characterized by very compact dimensions (diameter 100 mm/4ヤand height 210 mm/8ヤ). It enables the user to watch TV programs broadcasted with analog and digital terrestrial system and to listen the radio. The new amplifier allows Avior to have an increase in the gain and to receive vertically and horizontally polarized TV signals coming from more directions at the same time. The inner amplifier, coupled to the power inserter with 2 independent outputs for TV and radio (V9114OI-FM), allows the reception of VHF and UHF and FM frequencies with a single antenna. Avior can be installed on any kind of boat, whether sailboat or motorboat, and can be matched to the VHF RA121 antenna...

104.36€ Sin Iva: 86.25€

Antena Náutica de TV Nashira - V9112/12EC

Antena Náutica de TV Nashira - V9112/12EC , Antenna TV - V9112/12EC Nashira, Characterized by compact dimensions (diameter 370mm / 14Dia.:) and high quality materials. Nashira is distinguished by an innovative design based to the new pinnacle as a Dia.:shark finDia.: (high 55mm /2,2Dia.:), for receiving vertically polarized TV signals, that fits perfectly on the new radome with aerodynamic lines. The new reinforced base, coupled with the Glomex exclusive micro-fused, electro-polished and hand polished stainlesssteel mount, ensures the best antennaDia.:s stability in any sea conditions. Thanks to vertical pinnacle inside the Dia.:shark finDia.:, Nashira can receive polarized TV signals both horizontally and vertically, thus it is the ideal solution for any type of boat, sailboat or motorboat. The terrestrial signal quality, either analog or digital, can also be tuned by turning the amplifier. V9112/12EC is provided with the 50023/98EC amplifier and 20 mt. cable. If matched with a splitt..

329.68€ Sin Iva: 272.46€

Antena Television Via Satelite Glomex V8100 RHEA

Antena Television Via Satelite Glomex V8100 RHEA. With compact dimensions (dish diameter 420 mm/16Dia.: and 455mm/18Dia.: height) and low energy consumption (12 VDC 1,5 A/h,) it represents the ideal choice for TV watching on board, because it offers the best compromise between contained shape and performance. Pandora is a gyrostabilized antenna, equipped with a new HPD (High Performance Dish) parabolic dish combined with the new software for signal research and the innovative noise reduction system STO (Silent Tracking Operation), allow the compensation of quality losses due to satellite multiplication on the terrestrial orbit whilst transmittingon same frequency and ensure a total silence factor. Easy to install, thanks to a single coaxial cable (SCC) connecting the antenna directly to the TV-set without opening the radome, it does not require any other compensation or calibration adjustment. Pandora, with its 3 preloaded satellites (ASTRA1, ASTRA2, HOTBIRD) easy selectable on the con..

3,628.79€ Sin Iva: 2,999.00€

Antena Television Via Satelite Glomex V9104 SATURN4

Antena Television Via Satelite V9104 SATURN4, Satellite antenna V9104 SATURN4. 47 cm diameter parabolic dish that combine high quality, small size, excellent performance, light weight and ability to connect up to 16 output decoder independent boat. This is thanks to the multi-coaxial rotating joint (MCRJ) which lets you connect a multi switch box (supplied). In addition, the Dia.:MCRJ allows the antenna to turn infinitely on itself because the azimuth axis is no longer required to rewind the coaxial cable, to avoid the interruption of the view of your favorite program both at sea and at anchor . DVB (digital video brodcast), NIT (Network Identification Table) and EGS (electronic stabilized around) are the three most advanced technologies available on satellite TV antenna Glomex. Easy to install with a control unit which constantly monitors the state and can be easily integrated in the electric vehicle this antenna also comes with a separate power supply 12/24 Vdish Dia.: cm. 47dim. Dia..

4,838.79€ Sin Iva: 3,999.00€

Antena Television Via Satelite Glomex V9804 RHINE

Antena Television Via Satelite Glomex V9804 RHINE, Rhine is the best Glomex satellite TV antenna developed for TV watching on river boats. Identical in dimensions to Mars 4 (igh performance dish (H.P.D.) and an innovative noise reduction system (S.T.O.). Rhine, moreover, is equipped with a multi coaxial rotating joint and with a multi-switch box for the connection of more independent decoders (4 outputs for multi-switch) that allows the connection of up to 16 independent decoders on the same boat. Rhine is the optimal choice to watch TV, either when cruising or at anchor and with bad weather conditions too. It is also ready for future updating and the control unit has 8 available pre-loaded Dia.: cm. 60dim. Dia.: x h cm. 66 x 66frequency 10,7 Ghz / 12,75 Ghzweight Kg 15,5gain dBi 36,5outputs 4EIRP min. dBW 47auto skew sipolarizzation lineare (V -H)stabilizzation gyro su 2 assi + 3Dia.: per asse di interpolazioneelevation angle 5Dia.: / 90Dia.:tracking rate 50Dia.:/secop..

5,564.79€ Sin Iva: 4,599.00€

Base de Nylon basico para antenas Nauticas

Base de Nylon basico para antenas Nylon base Dims. mm. A = 32, B = 70, C = 25..

5.35€ Sin Iva: 4.42€

Base de Nylon C 25 para antenas Nauticas

Base de Nylon C 25 para antenas Nylon base, Dims. mm. A= 100, B= 70, C= 25...

11.14€ Sin Iva: 9.21€

Base y soporte Inox Montaje en Mastil antenas Nauticas de Television

Base y soporte Inox Montaje en Mastil antenas Nauticas de Television, Stainless steel mast head bracket. Length 190 mm. ideal para  antena A-5555301..

55.20€ Sin Iva: 45.62€

Receptor náutico VDO Televisión Via Satelite

Receptor náutico VDO Televisión Via Satelite, Digital satellite receivers. 4000 channels, SW update via satellite, CI slots for encrypted channels. Complete with remote control with batteries, AC 220V, 12V power cable with cigarette lighter plug, cable TV SCART. Specifications: Frequency 950 - 2150 MHz, 75 Ohm 25W consumption. 1 SCART, RCA stereo audio output. Size mm. 280x60x260. Weight. 2.9...

223.85€ Sin Iva: 185.00€